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Safe Grip Anti Slip Solution


Both Safe Grip Antislip Treatment and its sister product Grip Cote have been tested by Grip Potential Ltd, an independent company that specialises in providing Slip Risk Assessment.
The Table below shows slip potential classifications taken from the current UKSRG (UK Slip Resistance Group) guidelines.
PTV Slip Potential
<25 High
25-35 Moderate
>35 Low

The report gives Safe Grip on a wet tile a PTV of 49, which as you can see is well within the Low Slip Potential score.

You may sometimes hear of Slip Potential talked about as CoF (Coefficient of Friction) as you will of seen elsewhere on the site the HSE state: "Floors need to have enough grip for pedestrians to walk safely", but what does this mean?

Grip is measured as ‘Coefficient of Friction’. For safe pedestrian walking on the level this should be 0.36 or higher."

It also says " it’s no good testing a clean and dry floor then expecting it to be slip resistant in the wet."

To convert the PTV result to CoF you need to use the following formula CoF = (3xPTV)/(330-PTV)
So for the PTV of Safe Grip on the tested tile CoF=(3x49)/(330-49)
This gives us a CoF of 0.52 this is well above the HSE minimum requirement for a wet floor of 0.36

Grip Cote is not yet avalable from our shop as it is currently only avalible to professional applicators.

The Full Report is HERE

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